Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Drill Rotary Tools Accessory 161 Pieces

Durable and practical with small, good polishing effect, high efficiency, low cost widely used in the microelectronic devices, and jewelry making and other products fit for your polishing need, can use for metal and nonmetal materials.
Suitable for metal surface, grinding, dusting, deburring, polishing, stripping residue specification

big sandpaper diameter: approx. 1Cm / 0.39 Inch
small sandpaper diameter: approx. 0.5Cm / 0.2 Inch
polished sheet diameter: approx. 2Cm / 0.79 Inch
big wool polishing wheel diameter: approx. 2.5Cm / 1 inch
package includes: 161pcs rotary tool accessory bit set 1: 2 cans / 72pcs resin cutting discs 22mm diameter for cutting metal 2: 10pcs sanding head suitable for grinding metal 3: 3pcs steel wire brush suitable remove rust 4: 3pcs copper brush suitable remove rust 5: 3pcs nylon brush suitable polishing 6: 2 cans polishing paste polishing paste 7: 5pcs dual-network cutting discs suitable for cutting metal 8: 10pcs big sandpaper circle for grinding 9: 12pcs small sandpaper circle for grinding 10: 12 pcs polished sheet suitable for grinding metal 11: 1pcs large wool wheel for polishing 12: 4pcs small wool wheel for polishing 13: 1pcs small cloth wheel for polishing 14: 1pcs wool head for polishing 15: 2pcs size rubber wheels for installation sand lap 16: 1pcs hundred impeller for polished wood 17: 1pcs rubber grinding for fine grinding 18: 1pcs whetstone for grinding drill 19: 6pcs high-speed steel drill bit for drilling wood use 20: 3pcs connection clamp lever for cutting tablets polished film with installation 21: 8pcs silicon carbide grinding for polished with engraving 22: 2pcs woodworking cutter for woodworking / engraving 23: 4pcs copper chuck for clip drill 24: 1pcs wrench

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